I cannot edit my campaign. An alert appears instead. What should I do?

I was editing a campaign. Somehow I lost that tab in the browser or closed the browser window, don't remember. Now I am back to edit the campaign but it prevents me by showing a dialog with a message like the following. What should I do?


Detected another campaign of type <type of campaign> in edit <date time>. Please close that tab/window and try again...


This happens when in the same user session, multiple tabs or windows appear to be editing the same campaign. The above guard is to prevent overwrite situation. There are two solutions.

  • If you do have another tab/window open, please cancel the edit of the campaign there by clicking on the Cancel button.
  • If you do not have that tab/window open anymore, the best way out is to just Sign Out of the session, Sign In back again and go back to editing that campaign. 

Going forward, also please remember to cancel/save the campaign being edited before closing the tab or window.  


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