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How can I use Colligso app on Make (Integromat)?

You can connect your Colligso account on Make (formerly Integromat) by following these steps.

  • Log in to your Make account or create a new account. Make offers free accounts.
  • Follow instructions to create a scenario for your integration. One of the destination apps in the scenario would be a Colligso app (Colligso TextIn or Colligso WalletIn). 
  • Select Action and then click Add on Connection.
  • You will require API Key. Use your API Key** from Colligso account to connect to Make. 
  • Select Site in Colligso to integrate.
  • Map properties from the source App to Colligso App 


Make has a nice Getting Started guide as well.


** Requires Colligso account. Sign up for a plan for the app you are looking for. 




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