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How can I change content of email template for "thank you" campaign?

To change content of email template for "thank you" campaign, do the following:


  • Select Menu -> Templates -> Email Templates
  • In search box type, thank you
  • Select template named [your business name]-thanku-emailTemplate. This template was specifically created for you.
  • Some templates are generated for every merchant with some pre-defined merge variables (*|variable name|*) that are populated before sending an email. These include your physical address, phone #, email address, location in the form of map, etc. You can change the content and formatting as you like.
  • Test your changes by giving your email address and check it out on your phone and desktop. 
  • Once done, click publish to store in the cloud. 


You can follow the same steps for other campaigns too. Try searching for "wemissu".


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