How can I create Pass campaigns?

 You can create pass campaign as following.


Create Pass Templates

  • Modify generated Pass Templates (Menu->Templates->Pass Templates). These templates are used in Apple Pay and Google Pay campaigns. After modification, activate the templates.
  • Alternately, you can create your own templates and select them in your campaigns.


Modify pass download campaigns

  • Modify generated Apple Pay/Google Pay campaigns (CampaignId starting with welcome_pass) to customize your message and instructions on passes. (Menu->Campaigns->Apple Pay or Menu->Campaigns->Google Pay). Activate campaigns.
  • You can use Preview from the campaign page to check how your pass would look. 

Update passes using campaigns

  • Use subsequent Apple Pay/Google Pay campaigns to notify customers who have downloaded passes with your promotional message with image. Passes in Apple Pay and Google Pay provide Geo-fenced targeting around your business locations.


Tutorial: Pass Campaign

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