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Configure Colligso with Datto WiFi access points?



Datto empowers world's small and medium sized businesses with the best in enterprise-level WiFi technology delivered through managed services providers (MSP). Colligso is a partner of Datto. You can purchase Datto WiFi access points from your Colligso account. However, if you already have acquired Datto's access points via a 3rd party MSP, that provider can configure Colligso Captive Portal with your guest WiFi network and Datto WiFi access points using the following instructions.


Datto Configuration


Follow Datto's instructions provided on Datto's help article that describes how to set up and edit an externally-hosted splash page that uses a RADIUS server for user authentication


1. Configure the external splash page server with your own splash.php page or you can use the one that Colligso provides with your account. 



Create a ticket  for Team Colligso to provide the Splash page URL and Splash page secret for your account.


2. For Splash Page Authentication, follow the instructions described below.



  • Server address 1:
  • Server secret: In the same ticket Team Colligso would respond with server secret for the RADIUS server.

3. Select Walled Garden and add the domains listed in What is Walled Garden configuration for Colligso Captive Portal? and save.


Colligso Configuration


Sign up for Colligso SpotIn plan.


Now configure your Colligso account to recognize your Datto access point. 


1. Business settings

Captive portal uses logo, address, etc. from Site and Business settings. Follow the instructions provided in Where should I update branding, logo, etc.? to configure these.

2. Now configure your Colligso account to recognize your Datto access point. Follow the steps described in Add WiFi access point to your Colligso account



Test the integration


Now test the integration.

1. Connect to guest WiFi and test opt-in.

2. Login to your Colligso account.

3. Verify that your mobile# used for connecting to WiFi is listed under Customers.

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