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Register business (brand) with the Campaign Registry (TCR)

The Campaign Registry (TCR) requires businesses to register their brand using their business tax identification information in order to send high throughput SMS messages over 10DLC route. Following steps describe how to register business brand from your Colligso account. 


Prior to registration (pre-requisite)

Following information is used for business brand registration (one-time task). Some of this information is also used while registering each Text or Text Hashtag campaign. Login as as a business owner or admin (a user with role ROLE_ACCOUNT_ADMIN).

  1. Business information (required) (instructions to update)
    • Business (Entity) Name
    • Doing Business As (DBA)
    • Entity Type (select appropriate from dropdown)
    • Vertical (select appropriate from dropdown)
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Website (with privacy policy)
    • Address
  2. Business admin user information (required) (instructions to update)
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Mobile number
  3. Mobile opt-in message 
  4. Order notification message


Once you have updated information listed in the earlier section, proceed to register.

  1. Click Business->Settings.
  2. Enter employer ID number (Tax ID) (Colligso does not store this number)
  3. Click Register.
  4. Make sure all information is correct as shown on the confirmation dialog. Click Yes.  

Once the business brand is validated by TCR (usually within minutes), you (business admin) will receive an email notification from Team Colligso. If the registration fails, take necessary steps to resolve (e.g. add privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc. to your website) the issue and re-register. If the registration is successful, you can also re-login and find the TCR-assigned brand ID in Business->Settings. 

Common reasons for rejection

  1. Failure to verify given Tax ID/EIN
  2. Business website lacks privacy policy describing how collected mobile number is used. 
  3. Business website without Terms and Conditions 


On successful registration Colligso will automatically

  1. Provision a 10DLC number for your business.
  2. Register a campaign named checkin with use case: Low Volume for mobile opt-in, bulk opt-in and order notification

You still need to register every Text or Text Hashtag campaign that you would create thereafter. Please refer to Register text campaigns with the Campaign Registry (TCR) for more details on the topic.


Following describes the fees charged by TCR to Colligso for business brand registration as of 2023. All fees are passed as-is** to the business by Colligso and are non-refundable.

Brand registration fees

  • Brand Registration: $4 non-recurring fee per brand
  • Brand Reverify: $4 non-recurring fee per brand
  • Third-Party Vetting: $40 non-recurring fee per brand

** Registration fees for the accounts created by our apps on platforms such as Clover, Square, etc. would be higher than listed in this article in order to account for the App Market fees (Clover 30%, Square 20%) applied on each transaction made by an app.

Messaging cost for unregistered businesses

Since June 2023, all 3 major US mobile wireless carriers have been applying additional surcharges for SMS (and MMS) message traffic originating from the unregistered businesses and campaigns including the default campaign. Colligso will pass these charges to you. 

Starting Jan 1 2024, we have started applying the following policy to protect Colligso against the carrier surcharges for the unregistered SMS traffic.

  1. Reduce monthly quota of message segments per plan by 15%. For example, for a plan with a monthly quota of 1000 message segments, the quota will be reduced to 850 message segments.
  2. Charge at 6c instead of 4c per message segment beyond the monthly quota.


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