How can I notify customer about order fulfilled?

Order fulfillment notification is available on selected platforms only. Currently, Colligso TextIn offers order ready notification on Clover, GloriaFood and Poynt



Create a ticket from this Helpdesk asking to setup order fulfillment notification on your account.

Order fulfillment on Clover, Poynt


For orders from Clover and Poynt, Colligso TextIn requires a specific keyword on the note section of your order to trigger a notification of fulfillment. By default, TextIn looks for the keyword go

At the time of completing the order, take the following steps. This assumes that you have either added customer to your order or added order on selected customer on your point of sale.

  • Capture customer's mobile# (either using Text receipt or in Customer profile)
  • Fulfill the order by adding a note on the order with keyword go* on the order
  • If you want to change the keyword, create a ticket from this Helpdesk.


Order fulfillment on GloriaFood

For GloriaFood, the notification triggers when the order is fulfilled. 

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