How can I notify or page a customer when order is ready using Clover?

It is easy to page or notify a customer via text (SMS) notification when order is ready. This article describes a one time setup and provides instructions to follow for every customer order.




1. Install Colligso TextIn on Clover (see post-installation notes)


Set up


1. Enable order notes 


enable order note


2. Create a ticket for Team Colligso to enable the order paging feature on your account. Provide merchant name and merchant email from your Clover account.


Order time


1. Add/Find customer 


Find customer


2.  Capture at least the first name and mobile number.


capture phone


3. Start an order for a specific customer


new customer order


4. When order is ready, open the order and add a note by entering keyword go and save. See instructions to add a note on the order.


enter note


If you want to change the keyword, create a ticket from this Helpdesk.


5. TextIn will send send a text message to the customer associated with the order informing her/him that the order is ready. Find out about the default message in this article. 


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