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How can I add customers?

There are many ways to add customers on your account.

  1. Import customers, there are many ways.
  2. Check out our Integrations. Select Colligso App you want to integrate and identify the other app/platform you want to integrate with. Click on the integration to find step by step directions.
  3. If you do not find the app/platform you want to integrate on the integration list, you may find it on the partner platforms. Select integration Make (fka Integromat) or Zapier and connect your other app/platform with Colligso app on those platforms.
  4. Use form builders such as Typeform, Jotform, Google Forms, etc. to capture customer data on your website and integrate these with Colligso account.
  5. Integrate your form builder application with Colligso account as described above. Create QR Codes for your forms. Many form builders such as Typeform, Jotform, etc. offer easy to use Share QR Code feature. Prepare posters with the code including some instructions. Print the posters and place them where customers can see and interact with them. 

If you cannot find the app you want to integrate, drop us a line using Contact Us.



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