Importing customer data

Please check out our Integrations page to find if the Colligso app you are using is integrated to automatically source customer data from the app where you are collecting the data. These integrations do not require any coding on your part and they could be set up in minutes. Integrations are available via platforms like Zapier or Integromat which have good free plans.


Most of those integrations enable you to import the customer data as it is made available by other apps. For example, once a new submission takes place in Google Forms, using an integration between Google Forms and your Colligso app, the data collected by the Google Forms is made available to your Colligso account. 


Importing data from CSV or Spreadsheet

If you have captured customer data in a spreadsheet or a csv file, there are 2 approaches to import them in Colligso:


Do it yourself:


Method 1

  • Login to your account.
  • Select Site from dropdown (top right) where you want to upload customer data.
  • Select Menu->Customers
  • Click on Import button and follow through the steps. Provide CSV file as described below. Template is provided.
  • If import is successful, you would be able to see customer data once you re-login.


Method 2

  • Enter csv in search box on Integrations.
  • Select integration between EasyCSV and the Colligso app you are using. EasyCSV enables you to import your CSV or spreadsheet and then it sends one row with customer data at a time via Zapier to your Colligso account using the integration. 
  • Follow the steps described on your selected EasyCSV-Colligso app integration.   


Ask Team Colligso: Open a ticket using Contact Us and attach your customer file and request import of that data into your account.


CSV file:

We expect at least the following fields in the file. If you have multiple sites on your Colligso account, let us know which site the customer data belongs to.


Id, Last Name, First Name, Email, Phone, Mobile, Address, City, State, Zip

  • Id should be unique for each row.
  • Email is required for SpotIn and WalletIn only.
  • Mobile* is required for TextIn. Do not provide Email if you provide Mobile. 


 Use this template CSV file to get started.


* Mobile number should be in E.164 format such as starting with +1 for the US and Canada, +44 for the UK, +55 for Brazil, +52 for Mexico, etc.

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