How can I ask my customers to subscribe for text marketing?

There are multiple ways to get opt-in and you can use all.


  • Point of sale integration: If you have installed Colligso TextIn on Clover, Poynt, Shopify , Square or Vend you only have to prompt them to give their mobile number (text receipt, customer entry, order entry) at the time of sale. Your customers are automatically sent a message by TextIn asking to follow your business. 
  • Integration via iPaas platform: If you have integrated Colligso TextIn with an app via AppyPie Connect, Integromat or Zapier, it will automatically send opt-in request to the customer once customer data is submitted on that app.
  • Imported customer data: Activate a pre-built campaign to get opt-in for customers imported into Colligso otherwise (csv, spreadsheet, point of sale, etc.). Click: Menu->Campaigns->All. Just set up its schedule and activate the campaign whose name starts with phone_text_default. No other changes are required.
  • Other media: Ask customers to send Yes to your assigned SMS local number (only US and Canada). You can provide this instruction in emails, on payment receipts, with signs on-premise, on your website, on social media pages and verbally.

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