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Offer QR code for easy opt-in for text (SMS) messaging



The easiest way for a customer to send a keyword in order to opt-in for text (SMS) messaging from your business is to use QR code. Use any free tool available to generate a QR code for SMS. 

What you need

Generate QR Code

Following steps describe how you can use free tools like or to generate code.

  • Add Colligso-assigned SMS number for your business in the phone number field
  • Add keyword your choice in the Message field. If you want to build audience using a separate Text Hashtag, you could add that hashtag over here instead.
  • Save
  • Download

Print and place

Now print the generated code with some instructions to guide your customer. Place it where it can be discovered by your customers. For example: poster, on table top, sticker, a card in your product packaging, etc.

Customer Experience

Head to Get opt-ins with QR code and TextIn to understand the customer experience.


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