Change mobile opt-in messages


For Colligso TextIn, mobile opt-in is enabled by default. When a customer's mobile number is added on a customer management module in merchant's account of any partner platform (Clover, Poynt, Square, Shopify, Vend, etc.) or via integration (Zapier, Make, AppyPie, etc.), TextIn sends a text message asking the customer to FOLLOW the merchant's business. We call this the Mobile Opt-in protocol. There are many advantages of this approach.

  • Merchant's staff does not have to ask customer's to opt-in
  • Opt-in is provided in writing from customer's own device
  • This pro-active approach helps the merchant to reach out to customers via Text campaigns with confidence since customers targeted have opted in


TextIn has pre-configured messages while asking for the opt-in and as a response for the opt-in. These are crafted such that they convey the message to the recipient precisely regardless of the merchant type. However, a merchant can change these messages as well. Follow the steps described below to change these messages.


  • Login to your account 
  • Select Menu->Business->Sites
  • Select your site and Deactivate it (no need to deactivate campaigns, segments and transmitters)
  • Check the "Mobile Opt-In" checkbox if not already checked.
  • Write your Opt-In message. Make sure you are asking the customers to opt-in by replying using one of the supported keywords
  • Write your Opt-In Response message. This message will be sent in response to the opt-in confirmation received using the supported keyword.
  • Save and Activate (no need to activate campaigns, segments and transmitters since those were not deactivated earlier)


mobile opt-in



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