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Change mobile opt-in messages

Mobile Opt-in

For Colligso TextIn, mobile opt-in is enabled by default. When a customer's mobile number is added on a customer management module in merchant's account of any partner platform (Clover, Poynt, Square, Shopify, Vend, etc.) or via integration (Zapier, Make, AppyPie, etc.), TextIn sends a text message asking the customer to FOLLOW the merchant's business. Customer can opt-in or opt-out by responding to this message. We call this the Mobile Opt-in protocol. There are many advantages of this approach.

  1. Merchant's staff does not have to ask customer's to opt-in
  2. Opt-in is provided in writing from customer's own device
  3. This pro-active approach helps the merchant to reach out to customers via Text campaigns with confidence since customers targeted have opted in

Changing the opt-in messages

TextIn pre-configures messages for the mobile opt-in protocol. These are crafted such that they convey the message to the recipient precisely and succinctly regardless of the merchant type. However, you can change these messages as well.  

Follow the steps described below to change the opt-in messages.

  1. Login to your colligso.com account 
  2. Select Menu->Business->Sites
  3. Select your site and Deactivate it (no need to deactivate campaigns, segments and transmitters)
  4. Check the Mobile Opt-In checkbox if not already checked.
  5. Write your Opt-In Message. Make sure you are asking the customers to opt-in by replying using one of the supported keywords.
    1. Keep it simple. Default text works for most businesses. Default text has the right wordings too. 
      1. Reply YES to follow. Consent not a condition of purchase. Msg&data rates may apply.
    2. If you want to change keyword from YES to one of the supported keywords, feel free to do so.  
  6. Write your Opt-In Response Message. This message will be sent in response to the opt-in confirmation received using the supported keyword.
    1. Hint: Think about rewarding the customer for opting in. Promote your product or service. Also, invite them to visit again.
  7. Save and Activate (no need to activate campaigns, segments and transmitters since those were not deactivated earlier)


mobile opt-in


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