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Add WiFi network controller to Colligso

This article shows how you can add WiFi network controller to your Colligso account. 

Login to your account from


 Colligso Device Controller


Here are the steps.


1. Select Business->Device Controllers from menu.

2. Click New and give a name to the device controller you are adding.

3. In Controller IP, enter IP address where your Network Controller resides. 

4. Enter Controller Port, typically 8443

5. Enter Controller Site. This is the site where your guest wireless network is running.

6. Keep Protocol as WiFi.

7. You should create a separate user account in your Network Controller with access to APIs, typically with admin privileges to a site you have chosen earlier. This user should have access rights to use APIs. Enter User Name and Password of that user.

8. Select Provider of your WiFi access point. For example, Unifi.

9. Click Save and Activate.


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