Can I change the order notification message?

TextIn sends a text message to the customer associated with an order informing her/him that the order is ready. The default message is as following where the {order number} is replaced by the actual order number. TextIn automatically adds a footer on every outgoing business message which includes your business name, city and phone number as shown below.


Your order # {order number} is ready. Msg&data rates may apply. {business name} {city} {business phone}


In your ordering app on point of sale or elsewhere, if you are capturing the first name of the customer with every order, you can address the message as following as well.


Hello {first name}, Your order # {order number} is ready. Msg&data rates may apply. {business name} {city} {business phone}


If you would like to change the default message, create a ticket from this Helpdesk.

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